was designed with a simple, “little” idea in mind – isolation from other schools, other practitioners and other ideas is the greatest threat to the Wing Chun community, because it prevents the art of Wing Chun from improving as fast as it could if practitioners were more open to learning from other lineages and if knowledge were more freely shared. So the goal of is to bring people from various lineages together and to share Wing Chun insights and skills.

Niles Maxwell (pictured in blue above) is the owner of Bohemian Entertainment, a film production company dedicated to bringing you quality entertainment and informative content. In the 1990s, he trained under Sifu Augustine Fong (at the podium) who was a student of Ho Kam Ming (pictured above doing Chi Sau with Niles), who was a student of Ip Man. Niles has been practicing Wing Chun off and on since 1994 and currently teaches Wing Chun at the Wing Chun KungFu Schule in Dettenhausen, Germany.

The late Sifu Hawkins Cheung and Sifu Brian Tufts are seated directly behind Niles.